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Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities on Facebook in India

Here we are, back with top 10 most popular celebrities on Facebook in India. List is created according to number of likes from Indian user. List is a mixture of Indian celebrities and global celebrities of different nations.

Facebook is widely popular social networking site and one of the best platform to interact with your fans. Most of the celebrities are now on Facebook which help them to be in touch with their fans and know what they are saying. 

1. A R Rehman
Number of fans Worldwide : 12493443
Number of Fans in India : 907427

Most Famous Music Composer of India, Academy Award Winner, Critically acclaimed and commercially
successful music composer of India. No surprise A R Rehman have most number of fans in India on his Facebook page. Till now he has always been on number one with most likes amon Indian celebrities

2. Sachin Tendulkar
Number of Fans Worldwide : 10180301
Number of fans From India : 8649350

Sachin Tendulkar! Indian miracle man, God of Cricket and undoubtebly most famous Cricket personality on earth. Tendulkar holds most of the records in Cricket and on Facebook his fanss shows how much they love him. He have second highest fans in India on facebook

3. Akon
Number of fans Worldwide : 48241024
Number of Fans in India : 8502364

Akon is a Hip Hop singer who rose to fame from his debut album trouble in 2004. He have lots of Fans worldwide which  is now more than 40 Millions. Akon is also very famous in India and number of Facebook likes from Indian user proves it. Actually he has 3rd highest number of likes on a celebrity page in India

4. Sonu Nigam
Number of fans Worldwide : 9013840

Number of Fans in India : 6982421

Melody voice of this generation, man who took Indian music to world stage and the man who introduced wetern style of music in Indian flavor. SOnu Nigam is probably the most popular male singer in India right now.He has nearly 7 Million fans from India on his facebook Page

5. Shreya Ghosal
Number of fans Worldwide : 9182159
Number of Fans in India : 6855809

Sherya Ghosal also recognised as today's Lata Mangeshkar is an India Female Singer who rose to fame at a very young age. Melodies voice with pure classical touch in her singig Shreya ghosal is currently queen of Bollywood Music industry. She has nearly 7 million fan on her facebool page from India.

Top 10 Facebook Pages in India

6. Justin bieber
Number of fans Worldwide : 54874354
Number of Fans in India : 5959626

Justin Bieber is Canadian Singer, song writer, pop musician and actor. His first album itself went for a huge success and since than he rose to fame. Justin bieber Facebook page has nearly 60 million fans of which nearly 6 million are Indian user, which make him sixth most popular celebrity on Facebook in India

7. Shakira
Number of fans Worldwide : 66064023
Number of Fans in India : 5801115

One of the most famous name in Music industry around the globe. Shakira is a columbian Siner, song writer, choreographer and model. She rose to fame from her second album Dónde Están los Ladrones? released in 1998 which sold more than 7 million copies. She is seventh most famous celebrity on Facebook in India

8. Salman Khan
Number of fans Worldwide : 8518136
Number of Fans in India : 5417422

Salman khan is an Indian Actor who till now have 5 Blockbuster movies with his name. He also hosted two shows on Indian television which were huge success. Salaman khan has huge fan following which can be witnessed on his Facebook page which have more than 5.4 Million user from India.

9. Michael Jackson
Number of fans Worldwide : 60575105
Number of Fans in India : 4405561

Late Michael Jackson, one of the most famous Singer, Composer, Choreographer and song writer of the world. Michael Jackson is equally famous all over the world. He has in total more than 60 million fans on Facebook page of which around 4.4 million are Indian which make him 9th most popular celebrity in India on facebook

10. Aamir Khan
Number of fans Worldwide : 7153851
Number of Fans in India : 4293386

Aamir Khan also known as Mr. Perfectionist in Indian Film industry. He is said to be one of the finest actor of Bollywood of all time. Aamir khan hold a huge fan following and is 10th most popular celebrity on Facebook in India


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