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Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows/Series in India

Indians are quite fond of TV. It is the best and most popular medium of entertainment and "Time pass". Since First Television set was introduce in 1959, Today 134 Million house holds out of 240 million owns a TV. In early days that is in 70's, 80's and early 90's Doordarshan was the only channel and it was extremely popular between viewers. In late 90's other channels started getting famous and the Sun sets on Doordarshan since then. Still when we talk about most popular TV Shows in Indian history most of them are of old days and of course telecast on Doordarshan.

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows or TV Series In India

10. Byomkesh Bakshi
Byomkesh Bakshi was the Televesion adaption of Famous Literature written by advocate turned Author Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. Bandyopadhyay was a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and hence he started writing detective stories but never copied Western style. in 1993 TV adaption of the famous literary works of Bandyopadhyay aired and soon became the landmark tv shows of Indian Television history. Rajat kapoor who played the title role of Byomkesh Bakshi was praised a lot for his acting. This TV show is still most popular detective Series in India.

9. Dekh Bhai Dekh
Dekh Bhai dekh is considered as classic in Indian television shows. Written and Directed by  Aanand Mahendroo and Produce by Jaya Bachhan Dekh Bhai Dekh was a Comedy Television show which was aired between 1993 to 1997 on DD Metro and later retelecast on Sony Sab TV and Doordarshan. Dekh bhai Dekh set a new benchmark for Indian Comedy shows through its light hearted comedy which was surrounded around a three generation family called Diwan Family. Shekhar Suman, Farida Jalal, Navin Nichol, Urvashi Dholakiya were some of the lead characters of the show.

8. Malgudi Days
Malgudi Days is a collection of Short Stories by R.K Narayan. One of the most popular book in India. Few of these stories were used to create a tv shows which was directed by Shankar Nag. Aired in 1986 on Doordarshan this show was hugely popular between kids and family and later described as one of the classic on Indian Television.

7. Shaktiman
First Superhero of India. Kids of 90's exactly know what was the popularity of this Superhero in its days. Shaktiman was most popular and most viewed television shows in its days. It was a weekly show for which kids waits all the week and stuck in front of Television to watch this show on Sunday. Mukesh Khanna played the title character of Shaktiman as well as Gangadhar the public face of Shaktiman. Concept of this superhero was taken from Superman but it was molded in to Indian version.

6. Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahi Thi

First show in our list not aired on Doordarshan. KSBKBT was the hugely popular television show started in 2001 and revived the fortune of Star Plus. Main character Tulsi Virani a simple Daughter In Law of Virani Family was so popular that it became topic of discussion between ladies in houshold. This TV show also holds the record of most episodes in Indian Television History i.e 1800 episodes. One of the incident which will confirm you the popularity of this show is that, when Mihir Virani husband of Tulsi Virani a character of this show played by Aman verma was shown dead in an accident; people started sending letters to the produce Ekta kapoor to reconsider this and finally Mihir Virani came back in the show. It was a simple story of a joint Gujarati family.

5. Hum panch
Arguably the Best comedy show of Indian Television. Produced by Ekta kapoor it is a story of 5 sisters and their parents known as Mathur family and some other neighborhood characters. 5 sisters were of 5 different types and together they formed a hilarious family which still make you laugh. Aired on Zee TV this show became hugely popular in late 90's. All the lead stars Ashok Saraf, Vidya Balan (Yes the same Vidya Balan), Rakhi Tondon, Vandana Pathak became star of television industry.

4. Kaun banega Crorepati
First Quiz Show, game Show of Indian television, hosted by none other than the superstar Amitabh Bacchan. This show turned the life of many people including Amitabh Bacchan. Since its first season show has made lives of many common man. Concept of KBC was adapted from Who wants to be a millionaire telecast in UK. Currently KBC is going to start its 7th Season and Amitabh Bacchan is all set to host this show again.

3. Hum Log
First Soap opera of Indian television. First show of Indian television which was advertise and used for commercial purpose for which sponsor came. Hum Log is supposed to be the most famous soap opera in Indian television History. Veteran Actor Ashok Kumar also played a key role in this show.

2. Ramayana
Ramayana was first religious show on Indian Television, produced and directed by Ramanand Sagar and aired in 1986.  Show was based on the story of Lord Ram, God of Hindu. Show was based on Ramayana written by Mahrishi valmiki. This show was not only popular but also broke many records in Television history in terms of viewership. It was as famous in Villages and even cities. People who did not have television sets, go to their neighbor's home to watch this show. Being a religious country you can assume how famous this would have been in Indian home. Arun Govil played the lead role as Ram and Dipika played the role of Sita and Dara Singh as Hanuman. It hold the record of Most viewed television show in the History of Indian Television until Mahabharata was aired in 1988.

1. Mahabharata
Most famous, Most Popular and Most viewed television show in the history of Indian television. Mahabharata was epic and classical show which was both critically acclaimed across the globe and also hold the record of most viewed television show in history of Indian television. It was produced by B.R Chopra and Directed by Ravi Chopra. It was aired in 1987-1988 every week on sunday between 9am to 10 am. Usually the roads and public places were deserted when this how starts. It was so famous that it aired on BBC in UK with subtitle. Mahabharata was a commercial success also and created many records. Nitish Bharadwaj played the role of Lord Krishna and became the most famous name in Indian Television.

These were Top 10 Most Famous and Popular shows in India. Most of them were aired on Doordarshan and were quality products. No doubt now a days Television shows lacks innovation and quality which is why we don't see any hugely popular TV shows currently airing.

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