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Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in India

Here we are with list of Top 10 most polluted City in India with their Pollution indexes. List is prepared after many research of various groups and organization. We are only publishing this list.

What is Pollution Index : Pollution Index is an estimation of the overall pollution in the city. The biggest weight is given to air pollution, than to water pollution/accessibility, two main pollution factors. Small weight is given to other pollution types.

What is Exponential : Pollution Index Pollution Exp Scale is using an exponential scale to show very high numbers for very polluted cities, and very low numbers for unpolluted cities. Therefore to calculate formula it uses the exponential function to calculate the index.

Top 10 Most polluted City in India

10. Chennai (Tamil Nadu) India
Rank in India : 10th
Rank in World : 55th
Chennai one of the metropolitan city in India is 10th most polluted city in India also. Chennai is capital of southern state of India Tamil Nadu. Pollution Index of Chennai is 76.6 and Exponential Pollution index of Chennai is 139.21. In terms of industrial development Chennai is one of the most developed city in India and thus its is one of the main reason of this much pollution. City is situated on coastal area of Bay of Bengal and if it is still in the list of top 10 most polluted city in India then it is something to be worried about. Chennai is 55th most polluted city in World

9. Delhi India
Rank in India : 9th
Rank in World : 53rd
Delhi is Capital of India and is 9th in the list of most polluted city of India. For many this is surprising that it ranks much lower than expected in the list but if a city with lots of greenish  is still one of the most polluted city than it concerns us. It i 53rd most polluted city in World. if we talk about Pollution index than Delhi's pollution index is 77.19 and Exponential pollution index is 136.56. The capital of India need to start worry about its pollution

8. Ludhiana (Punjab) India
Rank in India : 8th
Rank in World : 49th
Largest city of Punjab is 8th most polluted city of India and 49th most polluted city of World. Ludhiana is Industry hub of Punjab and thus causes this much pollution. The pollution of city is also causing problem for the Sutlej river on whose bank Ludhiana is situated. If we talk about pollution index than Ludhiana has Pollution index of 77.70 and Exponential pollution index of 141.53

7. Gurgaon (Haryana) India
Rank in India : 7th
Rank in World : 48th
Once a village of Haryana near border of Indian capital Delhi is now Real Estate and Industry of hub of India. Gurgaon with Pollution index of 77.87 and exponential Pollution Index of 144.91 is 7th most polluted city of Indian and 48th most polluted city of India. with lot of industries especially power an manufacturer plants no surprise this city is one of the most polluted in india.

6. Vishakhapatnam (Andhra pradesh) India
Rank in India : 6th
Rank in World : 43rd
Situated on coastal area of Bay Bengal and 2nd largest city of Andhra Pradesh Vishakhapatnam is 6th most polluted city in India and 43rd most polluted in World. Vishakhapatnam is one of the biggest port in India. It has a pollution index of 79.31 and exponential pollution index of 151.82

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5. Jaipur (Rajasthan) India
Rank in India : 5th
Rank in World : 28th
Jaipur is capital of Rajasthan, state of forts and is also know as pink city. Rajasthan does not have much natural resources but because of hard stones which are also precious it has many factories small and big. Jaipur is 5th most polluted city of India and 28th most polluted in World. It is something that need to be sorted out as Jaipur has lots of tourism and if pollution will increase at this rate it will lose tourist specially foreigners. Pollution Index of Jaipur is 85.63 and exponential Pollution index is 166.88.

4. Surat (Gujarat) India
Rank in India : 4th
Rank in World : 27th
May would have assumed that if a city of Gujarat will be listed in this list than it should be Ahmadabad but no it is Surat. And reason is simple, Surat has most number of textile industries in India which causes enough pollution to make it one of the most polluted city in India and in world. Its ranks 4th and 27th as most polluted city in India and World respectively. Pollution index and Exponential Pollution index of Surat is 85.78 and 162.50.

3. Kolkata (West Bengal) India
Rank in India : 3rd
Rank in World : 11th
West Bengal and Kolkata is famous for many things, Fish, Sweets, Art and culture. Add one more thing it is  also famous for its pollution. Kolkata is 3rd most polluted city in India and 11th most polluted city of World. That is a big worry for Kolkata people and its administration. Pollution Index of Kolkata is 94.20 and Exp Pollution Index is 173.16. We have one message for Kolkatians and that is Wake up now.

2. Mumbai (Maharashtra) India
Rank in India : 2nd
Rank in World : 8th
Mumbai the economic hub of India, Business capital of India and most populated city of India. It is also 2nd most polluted city in India and 8th Most polluted city in world. I don't think including me many of us are even surprised finding Mumbai in the list. With this much traffic and industries and population it has to be one. But that's no reason that we should not try and clean this most popular city of India. In terms of Pollution index it has 96.43 Pollution index and 174.41 Exp Pollution Index.

1. Lucknow (Uttar Prdesh) India
Rank in India : 1st
Rank in World : 1st
Surprise Surprise!! This city neither one of the most Industrial Developed city of India and of course of the World. Still Lucknow tops the chart of Most polluted city of India and guess what, it is most polluted city of World. This city don't need any wake up call now if they want to save Lucknow than decisions and policies need to be implemented now. It has high pollution index of 111.49 and exponential pollution index of  205.61.



  2. The top polluting city in the world is Linfen(China) and not Lucknow.Please get your facts right.

  3. It should be Kanpur, not Lucknow!

  4. Ludhiana is the most polluted city in India, followed by Kanpur. Both of them have made it to the global top 10


  5. According to Time Magazine, Linfen City is not only the most polluted city in China, but also in the world. Just view onto this site

  6. what is the position of SINGRAULI (the energy capital of india ) MADHYA PRADESH, this city is very big complex of thermal power plant.

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  8. It should be DHANBAD, JHARKHAND(coal capital of india)