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Top 10 Martial Artist of All Time in World

Here we are back with another top 10 list. This time we will tell you Best Martial Artist of all time in the world. Martial arts roots are very old and there were many legends especially in the era where we did not have any particular way to collect information about those legends. Still we tried here to collect details of various martial artist on about whom information are available and create a list. We have emphasized on who is better then rest and not on how much they appear on television and movies. So if you are a martial arts fan then get ready to know top 10 Best and Greatest martial art superstar of all time.

Top 10 Legendary Martial Arts Superstar of All Time

This is mere a list and not ranking, these are names of some great martial artist of all time.

Gichin Funakoshi
Gichin Funakoshi was the founder of Shotokan Karate, which is most widely known karate style. He also recognizd as father of Modern Karate. He taught Karate at various Universities of Japan and was head of Japan Karate Association.He wrote a lot on Karate and its philosphies.  His Karate-Do Kyohan "The master Text" has details about his technique and his knowledge on History, Basica, Kata, and Kumite.

Masahiko Kimura
Masahiko Kimura is considered as one of the greatest Judoka of all time. He was a brave fighter and a Judoka practioner since age of 4.He was Promoted to yondan (4th dan) at the age of 15 after six years of Judo. He had defeated six opponents (who were all 3rd and 4th dan) in a row. At the height of his career his exercise lasts 9 hour a day which inclded 1000 push ups. He fought two very famous fights, first against the founder of Gracie Jiu-jitsu Hélio Gracie in which he out smarted Hélio Gracie and won the match comfortably. After this match the submission grappling he used to knock out Hélio Gracie "reverse ude-garami arm lock" is now often known known as Kimura Lock.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan is one of the most renowned and famous martial artist of this generation. He is a professional actor, In his movies, he is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons, and innovative stunts. He performs all his stunts himself. He is rare martial artist who uses his skill in comedy movies. He is a practitioner of Martial art since age 4. There are many legends of Jackie Chan including how at age 12 he fought with 4-5 teenage guys to save a girl who later became her first girlfriend.

Wong Kei-ying
Wong Kei-ying was a martial artist and physician from china. He was one of the Ten Tigers of Canton. When he was young he was a street performer of martial arts and acrobatics. From there he was noticed by Luk Ah-choi, a practitioner of Hung Ga style and he accepted him as a student.There he practiced differnet sills for ten years and learnt all of Luk's skills, including Single Hard Fist, Double Hard Fist, Taming the Tiger Fist, Mother and Son Butterfly Knives, Angry Tiger Fist, Fifth Brother Eight Trigram Pole, Flying Hook, and Black Tiger Fist. Wong became so famous that he was named one of the Ten Tigers of Canton.

Leung Kwan
Leung Kwan was one of the great master of Hong Fist and one of the Ten Tigers of Canton. He studied martial arts under famous Shaloin Master Li Huzi.Leung is best known for his "Iron Bridges" and the fist form Iron Wire Fist. His Iron Wire Fist is the highest level in most Hung Ga schools and his work is very important to the current Hung Ga system.

Huo Yuanjia
Huo Yuanjia was a martial artist and co-founder of Chin Woo Athletic Association, which is a martial arts school in Sanghai CHina. He is considered as a hero in China for defeating foreign fighters at a time when Chinese fighters were loseing their way on International stage. Huo was born weak and suffered from asthama and Jaundice, and his father thought he would not be able to becaome his student of Wushu. He secretly observed his father teaching students martial arts during day time and practised them at night.

Mas Oyama
Masutatsu Oyama commonly known as Mas Oyama was a Karate fighter and Master who founded kyokushinkai Karate which is considered as first and most influential style of full contact Karate. in 195 he opened Oyama Dojo, his own Karate school in Tokyo. He traveled around the world to show his sills which included killing and defeating live bulls with bare hands. Before dying, Oyama built his Tokyo-based International Karate Organization, Kyokushinkai, into one of the world's foremost martial arts associations, with branches in more than 120 countries boasting over 10 million registered members

Yip Man
Yip Man also known as Yip Kai-man, was a Chinese martial artist. He had several students who later became martial arts teachers in their own right, including Bruce Lee. He is one of the best master of Martial artist and teaches many students out of which many became on of the best Martial artist of all time. But one of His student later recognized as greatest Martial Artist of all time - Bruce lee

Wong Fei-hung
Wong Fei-Hung was one of the greatest Hung Gar practitioner of all time, apart from being a martial artist he was also a physician, acupuncturist. He is famous for using Shadow less kick in which he was expert. Wong was adept at using weapons, such as the staff and southern tiger fork. One tale recounts how Wong defeated a group of 30 gangsters on the docks of Guangdong with a staff. His Father Wong Kei-Ying was one of the Ten Tiger but he was, though he is often considered as Tiger after the Ten Tigers.

Bruce Lee
Bruce lee was a Martial artist and founder of Jeet Kune Do, his own style of Martial Art which he found at young age in America. He is considered as most influential and greatest martial artist of all time. 


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