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    Guidelines for Guest Posts

    All articles are accepted by TheTop10 as long as they follow the rules established for the same. Here are all the instructions you need to follow:

    The tone of articles should be formal:

    Typically, consumers, businesses, and business owners make up the target audience. The articles should always be formal and critical because of this.

    Articles ought to be of high caliber:

    Every article we publish must be of a high caliber. It ought to be factual and supported by reliable research. The article’s tone should be constant, and it should be free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

    Original articles are required:

    The article’s content must be entirely original and should not contain any form of plagiarism. Additionally, articles with original points of view are preferred; repetitive topics may not be accepted.

    Links and advertisements should be limited to:

    Informational content should be used instead of promotional content. The links should also follow accepted guidelines.

    Visuals are required and should be engaging:

    Content that is both visual and auditory is acceptable (no copyrighted visuals). It should be pertinent to the subject you’ve chosen and appealing to the audience.

    Articles should be submitted in the following format:

    We only support a few file types, like.doc or as a link to a Google document. The remaining formats wouldn’t be accepted. Before composing your post, email us at (mail) to make sure the subject and your eligibility are correct.

    We hold the right to update and change:

    Our business retains full editorial and modification rights. Your article can also be rejected if it doesn’t follow the rules.

    Time estimate:

    Make sure you have patience as your essay is processed over the stimulated time. The process could take up to two or three weeks to finish. After it is finished, you will be informed about the next steps.

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    Healthcare, Technology, IT, Finance, Automotive, and Manufacturing industries are a few of the topics we accept.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. To the best of our knowledge, our team has the right to amend and modify the blog’s content. We might also make use of more links.
    2. We reserve the right to edit the post’s links, bio, and other components.
    3. We have the right to modify the guest post policy without prior notification.
    4. We don’t guarantee that every submitted request for the guest post will be accepted.
    5. The final say on whether or not to publish the content rests with the site owner.
    6. When your article is posted on the website, all rights are granted to us. The post cannot be reposted or used again without authorization.